Career Coaching

If you're currently in transition, or contemplating a job change, you've most likely discovered that, despite all your efforts, your "powerful resume" and "knock 'em dead cover letter" no longer works. The traditional system of finding employment is broken. To succeed you must change your mindset and be creative in order to differentiate yourself from all others in today's highly competitive job market. Sure, you may come up with strategies on your own that can work. But what happens if they don't work -- where do you go from there?

The Hire Challenge™ offers personalized career coaching that goes far beyond helping you prepare a professional resume and brushing up on interviewing skills. Our certified coaches teach a proven job search methodology that introduces tools and strategies to clearly separate you from your competition and help shorten your time in transition.

If you had a legal problem you'd hire an attorney. If you had a medical issue you would see a physician. So if you're struggling with your job search contact us to learn more about the coaching services offered by The Hire Challenge™. We can help!


On-Site Seminars

The Hire Challenge™ offers a variety of seminars/workshops customized for content and budgetary considerations. Focused on defining and broadcasting the job seeker's value to the business community, these seminars teach a strategic approach to job search which goes beyond traditional resumes, cover letters, networking, and interviewing.


Conducted by career management professionals, our seminars and workshops are unlike those that stubbornly and continually focus on ineffective, traditional job search techniques. We introduce job seekers to innovative tools and strategies that address the significant challenges they face in finding employment in today's new economy.

With our seminars and workshops job seekers benefit from the following:

• Exploring job search topics in more depth;
• Sharing ideas in a way that will advance their thinking;
• Learning from other people's experiences and background knowledge;
• Gaining perspectives and points of view that they might not have otherwise considered;
• Identifying and resolving job search issues that hinder their progress

Corporate Outplacement

While organizational change is often necessary to compete in today's market and economy, mishandling the concerns of those displaced by reorganization and downsizing can result in huge costs associated with wrongful termination lawsuits, high unemployment premiums, extended health insurance and bad press. Budgetary constraints can often severely limit the amount of job search assistance companies can afford. However, providing job search support to all affected employees of a layoff is not only desirable; it's the right thing to do and makes good business sense.

Displaced employees should be focused on the future, not dwelling on the past. Unlike costly outplacement firms that still teach an ineffective, traditional approach to job search, The Hire Challenge™ offers affordable, customized outplacement programs that provide exiting employees with a strategic vs. traditional approach to job search that will shorten their time in transition at a very critical time in their lives.